Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Halloween!!!

Costume fun consumes Isaac and Zion.

Like all little boys, they have always loved to get into the full character when they pretend.

From animals when they were little,

to Super Heroes

and now, big action movie characters ......

This year was no different as they went back and forth at the store on which costume to get.

And then, reevaluated the WHOLE thing when the costume box came out.

For church on Wednesday night........we had Sniper Isaac and Jango (or is it Bobo) Fett Zion

For Trick or Treating on Saturday night, we went over to the Gillams house for Chili dinner and some hang out time.  As always, a good time was had by all............AND........

their neighborhood is much bigger than ours,
so......good Trick or Treating. 

Michael, the Jedi - hard to see in the background
Isaac the Clone Trooper
Zion - Bumblebee
Ellie - Hermione (not to be confused with Harry Potter)
and Maddy's character is based on Sally from "A Nightmare Before Christmas"

Sam and I, (well, our shadows) walking the kids around
I wanted to take a picture cause I look so tall!  :)

Zion asked me to take a photo of this pumpkin
He loved it

Because of Zion's allergy to peanuts, we have a big family candy TRADE at the end of each Halloween night.  It helps Zion feel like he has some control over his candy, instead of just taking things out of his bucket that he can't eat.   (and, his brother loves peanut butter anyway)  Zion usually trades for Skittles and really loves the SOUR ones.  Maddy and Ellie seemed pretty excited about this idea and so the candy trade began.  I think everyone has different likes, which made it all a perfect end to the evening.

Last but not least.......I finally learned how to LINK a blog.
So, for Sam's take on the evening (and a few more photos)  Click here

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