Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween - the morning after

Last year - Michael and Isaac got braces on November 1st.

I think I should be awarded a good mom prize for letting them wait until after Halloween.

They, on the other hand, were ticked about all the candy they had to throw out.

Nonetheless, they are both on the downhill slide of having braces and on the uphill side of straight teeth.

It rained often yesterday - in spurts -
and the ground has been "squishy" for weeks due to an extra rainy "rainy" season.

So when the boys were all dressed and it was officially 6pm -
the rain was really coming down.

It seemed like all hope was lost - but thankfully, it stopped raining after about 30 minutes and Mike took the kids around the neighborhood while the "bigs" stayed in the drive-way and helped hand out candy.

Here is part of the crew:

I don't have a lot of photos because I was either holding Meleah and/or helping with dinner and passing out candy.  
But we had a great time, as always, with our friends - the Scott family, Mr. Steve, and Doc Jeff -
and our new friends/ family to the island,  the Cooks.  They have kids the same ages as our boys and live in our neighborhood.  It's like a little present from heaven and we are so blessed to know them!

Apparently, I don't have a photo of Michael because he was hiding on the roof shooting people with Nerf bullets.  I know this because he posted it on his Facebook page ....we will be talking about that later, when he gets home from school.

Facebook - the new way that moms' have eyes in the back of their heads!

Last but not least - for all you science fans out there.
This is what a few hours outside in Guam does to a pumpkin.
Seriously - it happened overnight.

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