Saturday, November 12, 2011

Seahawks Soccer

The middle school had 54 boys that came out to play soccer -
with no try-outs or cuts.

They have more boys than uniforms.

The coaching staff decided to divide the players into two teams.

They have games scheduled on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Michael and Isaac were put on the Friday team.

Their first game was Veteran's Day.

They got to play on the new turf field at the gym.

They had a lot of friends come out to support them.

Maybe playing on a holiday is not such a bad idea.

Both boys play defense.

They played hard but had some tough breaks kicking into a pretty strong wind.

The wind was in the favor of the other team, St. Francis.

and our boys lost 5-0.  :(

Here are a few photos.



Go Seahawks!!

Michael can really boot the ball -
but had a little trouble adjusting for the wind,
but he did adjust!  

I only took photos during the first half and then Meleah was getting sleepy / fussy.
Michael played most of the game - Isaac was in quite a bit in the second half,
but sadly, I didn't get any photos of him.

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