Sunday, November 27, 2011

Meleah - 4 months

Meleah will turn 4 months old while we are in Saipan.

She continues to be a joy and a blessing to our family.

She is almost rolling over.

All smiles and giggles when she sees a family member.

A little separation anxiety if a stranger tries to take her from her comfort zone.

Sleeping and napping mostly on schedule with one bottle between 3 and 4am.

Here are some photos of month four!

First Halloween

Zion keeping her happy in the van!

Tummy Time!

baby push-ups!

Church time

little IV - First trip to the ER    :(   

First trip to the beach
 GabGab - 11-11-11

Still sleeping like this....adorable!

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  1. It's official. We have to meet her. She is an absolute doll!!