Tuesday, November 22, 2011

soccer / swimming Videos.....

I don't know why my phone wouldn't sync to the computer for the last few days....

but I finally got it to work.

Here is the last few seconds of the soccer game on Friday.

and the swim meet videos too.

I think I have mentioned before; I love our swim coaches.
I also love the little speeches they give before the meets -

Tsunami Cheer 

As always, I can't help myself - I cheer for my boys.
I tell myself not to scream on the video - but I can't hold it in.
I recommend you turn the volume down.

Michael - 100 free

Zion - 25 breast

Zion - 50 free

Michael - 50 - free
For some reason - Michael was in a "no time" heat
Which means he swam with new swimmers or swimmers that have never swam in that event.
He clearly should have been in a different heat - cause he smoked everyone!

Congratulations to Michael and Zion!
Great job boys!
I love you!

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