Friday, October 1, 2010


The Gillam girls are amazing swimmers. 

Like, swim team swimmers........

Like, they have practice every day swimmers..........

and swim for 2+ hours swimmers.......

The Thorntons are NOT those kind of swimmers!

But Zion loves spending time with his best friends on the island,

so he choose to join the Tsunami swim club
instead of soccer as his after school activity.

The Tsunami swim club is "THE" swim club on the island.

Most of the swimmers and all the coaches are Japanese, and they take it all very seriously.

Tsunami Swim Club is not something you join "for fun".

 Zion has been swimming there for about a month on Tuesdays and Thursdays only.  We have had many chats about not goofing off and doing your best and being respectful. 

On Tuesday, the head coach went over and pulled Zion up from the "beginner" pool and brought him over to the "big pool".  Sam and I were sitting on the deck across the way and she noticed before I did. 

Coach Toshi

She grabbed my arm and said, "Toshi's got Zion, Toshi's got Zion!"

We watched and waited.......

Zion got in the pool and followed the directions given him.

After about 15 minutes, I see Zion talking to Coach Lewis and pointing at me.  I decided it was time to walk over.  Zion has been moved up to the BIG POOL on a trial basis to check his endurance. 

Zion and Coach Lewis

Coach Toshi said that he could tell that Zion has been working hard, and his kick is good.

From a man who doesn't have much to say,
you cling on every positive word. 

Zion was SO excited and I was SO proud of him.
Ellie and Madison (*and Miss Sam!) were happy for him too!

Zion in his official Tsunami swimsuit