Saturday, April 30, 2011

The perimeter run

Guam looks like a small island on the map.

And, in reality, it is a small island.

But when you run around it,





I have only been running for about six weeks, 
so the perimeter run was my first official race.

Five of our team consisted of NavFac / CEC ladies.
(*Naval Facilities, and Civil Engineer Corp)

With a team of nine women, we ran 48.6 miles around the south side of the island.
The race was divided into 20 legs.  
Here is the map. 

What the map doesn't show you, HILLS!
The south side of the island was created by volcanoes.  
LOTS of hills, some of them steep.
Only about four of the 20 legs were completely flat runs.

The run started at 4am.
It sounds crazy, but it gets so hot here, 
that running in the dark at 4am sounds good after running in the noon day heat.
In fact, at one point, I was yelling at people on the sidelines to pray for rain.

I didn't get photos of every exchange, but here are a few of the day.

This is Laurie and Anita Scott
Great friends and crazy runners
Laurie had already run
And Anita was getting ready
Yes, she is 32 weeks pregnant
and SUPER chipper at 4:30am

Melda, Anita, Ally (Anita's daughter) and Noui

Kristen (active duty CEC machine with the nickname KRUSH)
passes off to Anita

Anita finishing up her two legs of the race

Anita passing it off to Jean who broke in the dawn

Jean coming in the home stretch

Passing the baton to our fearless team Captain, Christine

NavFac chics (*minus Anita)  Christine, Melanie, Melda, Kristen

Sue passing off to me on my first leg
I had a great time the first mile,
the second mile was a killer hill

Coming in and passing it off to Noui
This is about 9am I think
It was already killer hot

It is beautiful on the run

Christine's second leg

passing off to Krush

This is Noui's third leg
I think she logged the most miles,
 always kicking it
and with a great attitude
(*hand-off to Melanie for her second leg)

Melanie coming up a KILLER hill
She did great
I was hurting for her!
She's our QUEEN BEE,
(the CO's wife)

Sue's second leg

She kept a great pace

Sue passing off to Amber

She was WAY more excited about running at noon than I would have been!

I never got a photo of the whole team - so I hope to get some from others.  But I think I got all nine of us at different points along the race.  We finished at 8 hours 22 minutes
(not official time, just what I heard)   

Also heard, we came in 3rd out of 6 in the women's division.
There were not many ALL WOMEN teams,  
you could be considered a "women's team" with seven ladies and three men.
We think that's cheating.  (*I mean, you are a woman or your not, right??)

So I'm not sure how many of the "womens" teams had men on it.  

We finished with COMPLETE girl power!

Way to go ladies!
We did it!


  1. Melda,
    I posted a comment on a blog that you wrote a while ago about yogurtland. My name is Theresa, in case you wanted to find it. I'm very new to the whole blog thing. I don't write them, but came across yours by accident and it's very interesting. I am a born-again Christian woman who lives with my husband and son on Guam. I was wondering which church you go to?? We attend Harvest Baptist Church. My email is Not sure how you do the whole comment thing on here. lol.

  2. Theresa,

    Welcome to my RANDOM brain out-loud in blogland! :) I am glad you enjoy reading it.

    We go to Bayview Church, just down the road from Harvest. And I am friends with Bethany Taylor that runs Harvest House.

  3. Great post, Melda! I'm impressed! I need to start running again (been MANY years since I was a regular runner) and I think you've given me a little extra motivation to do so! Thanks! Great job with the perimeter race! What a neat thing to be a part of.

    And, like Teresa, that's how I found your blog too, was your Yogurtland post, so there must be something there that draws people in!