Friday, June 10, 2011


It is officially, the last Friday of school!  


The boys do have to go next Mon-Thursday, but seriously, Michael has all his projects done.
Zion hasn't had homework in 2 weeks, and Isaac has already had his promotion to middle school.

So we are certainly on the downhill slide into summer break.

I am thrilled!

Don't tell the boys, but I hate homework more than they do.

I only make them do it because it's the right thing to do.

My personal theory is that something is lacking in the school system if you can't teach them what they need to know between 8am and 2:45 pm.

Please don't misunderstand me - I am happy with McCool School and my boys' teachers.

But if I could afford a teacher to just teach "my kids" during school hours
(*without homework),
I would totally do it.

Your next question might be:  Then do it yourself.

I would love to do that too.  

But I do not have the organizational skills or the ability to stay focused any longer than the average 6 year old with ADHD - so my kids would learn nothing except how to sleep in all morning and then take a three hour lunch break at the beach.

It's true.....If it were not for guilt and limited finances,  I would be a "Jimmy Buffett" kind of lazy bum.

Moving into summer has the boys busy with activities.

The front desk guy at the gym called me "Miss Melda" yesterday.

I guess we are there a lot!

Mon/Wed/Friday has JC and Michael doing a summer basketball clinic.

Wed and Friday are aikido days for Isaac and Zy.

I am there almost every morning logging my five miles on the treadmill.   So, we are becoming regulars!

Regarding running,  my friend Jennifer prompted me to make a long term goal for my running.

So....I am putting it in writing.

1000 miles by my next birthday.

It's about 4 miles per day Monday-Friday.   Although, I would like to start logging some "longer" runs on Saturdays and build up distance and endurance.

So....onward into the weekend!

Happy Summer!!

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  1. So I have a few things to say about the whole "not organized enough to teach your kids" HAVE YOU MET MY MOTHER?!?!?! Nothing against my mommy, but she is one of the lesser organized people I know, and she has been schooling from home for 8 years now, and I graduated. All of the things I have read on this here blog prove that you have the capability if you truly wanted to, all the trips you do and exploring what not. Every time you go to the beach is a since day. Between the weather the tide cycles and the animals, there is soooo much learning. I'm sure your boys would learn just as much if not more with you, because you want them to learn what they want to learn and you would make sure they would be having fun while doing it =]