Saturday, June 18, 2011

Happy Father's Day

Seriously,  I never love my husband more than when I see him with our boys,
especially if they don't know I'm watching.
It is an overwhelming emotion that I can't explain, and I am sorry for that.

Because it is truly a feeling that makes tears come to my eyes
and my chest hurt with the pride that swells in my heart.

I love you Mike Thornton
aka the Tickle Monster

Those big boy talks on the bed

California SCREAMIN' - Disney CA
calm reassurance

December 31st 2000 - Texas
Isaac just a few hours away from turning one!

Zion's birthday

Mike, Isaac and Michael - August 6th 2001

Pearl Harbor Hawaii - Spring 2005

History lesson at the Arizona Memorial

Mike and Zion - walking and talking

boogie board lesson - Hawaii 2005

The famous TUCK and ROLL

He still does this with Zion - the other boys, NOT

Michael was never that good at the TUCK part

Waiting for bumper boats

Ferris Wheel

Isn't it cute that Zion thinks he is the one driving?  

Yeah, he totally thinks he is driving....

Guam - 2010 

Father's Day 2009 - Mike and Isaac

Happy Father's Day Mike
Happy Father's Day to my dad
David Garrison

And the best grandpas three crazy boys could ask for!
Thanks for loving them all for who they are.

Papa Gwen
and Papa Jack

We Love You!!!!

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