Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Tsunami Swim Club - Memorial Day

Memorial Day was also the end of the season party for Tsunami Swim Club.

Everyone had a great day!

Here are a few several photos!

Door prizes!   LOTS of them!

That's MR. President to you!

Asst. Coach Lewis

Coach Toshi



Kinda strange for me to see Michael just "hanging out"
You know, like a teenager..........

Asan Park is a beautiful area that used to be a battle field 60+ years ago.

This is one of the locations that the U.S. Marines first landed on the island of Guam to reclaim the island from the Japanese forces and liberate the people of Guam.  A flag was placed in the field to show the loss of life here.  The photo does not show the magnitude of loss on this battle field.

It's overwhelming.

I wrote about my first visit to Asan Park here.

On this Memorial Day, 2011 - 
I want to say THANK YOU 
to all our service members and their families.  

All gave some..............


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