Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Birds and shoes

Guam has these crazy birds called, the Black Drongo.  (*you can read about them here)

And they look like this.

They make my running outside go from enjoyable to a paranoid sprint at times.

Wikipedia says they are aggressive. 

That's a mild statement.  

They are psycho birds. 
(*if you are old enough, yeah, like the movie)

But now that the boys are out of school - I hope to be logging more miles outside. (*before, I was running super early so I could get home in time to get everyone up and on the bus.  I am starting to hate running on a treadmill.)  

But what do to about those birds..........

It's only funny to watch someone else get dive-bombed. 
When it happens to you - you spend the next 1/2 mile having a conversation in your head about crazy birds.


My long term goal is 1000 miles in a year.  
And to keep track, I am going from birthday to birthday.
I still enjoy using the Nike+GPS to keep track of miles and pace.

In May, I logged 61.36 miles with an average pace of 11.42

June (so far) 71.00 (ave. pace of 10.29)

All total, I have run almost 300 miles since I started in March -  which means,
according to some runners.


I know a lot of women with a lot of shoes.

I have flip flops and running shoes........those are my go-to shoes for all occasions.

But new running shoes I am excited about!~

I will start to break them in as I say good-bye to my official, first pair as a runner.

Anyone up for the 1000 mile challenge? 
It sounds like a lot.
But seriously, it's only 2.8 miles per day. 
OR.......3.8 Monday-Friday.
You could walk it all in an hour a day. 

Come on!
I know you are out there.

Let's lace 'em up and get going!

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