Thursday, June 16, 2011

Michael's Awards Assembly

So proud of Michael as he heads into his last year of middle school.

He will be taking two high school credit classes next year.

Algebra and Spanish

We hope it gives him a jump-start into high school.

And I hope Mike is home to help with the homework.
(the algebra of course)

Seriously, the school has such a nice stage, with lights,
that they don't use.
It would be nice for those of us with brown children.
I mean really, Navy blue school uniform shirt
against a Navy blue stage curtain
and a Haitian


7th grade soccer players

This is Michael's favorite (and best) teacher - Mrs. Kukes -(*for math) - she is like, literally, a rocket scientist or something with 3 degrees but teaches middle school math.  Amazing lady!  She obviously cares about what she does,  cause she could be making LOTS of money doing something else.

Anyway,  a great school year and so proud of the second tallest boy in 7th grade.

Love you Michael!

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