Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Blog stalkers and netglow

There is this super, cool, hot chick named Tara Livesay that lives in Haiti with her family.

She (*and her family) work with John and Beth McHoul that we adopted Michael from in 1997.

They also work (and are dear friend with) the Hendrick family,
that we went to church with, when Mike was in grad school at Texas A&M in 2000.

But the truth is..........

I have never met Tara, or any of her family.

Although, I could tell you enough about each of her kids that you would think I had been her neighbor,
once upon a time.

I don't really fit the definition of "Blog stalker" though, because, Tara knows I read her blog and I know people that know her...........doesn't that give me points on the normal side?

Well, maybe not.   (*since I stole this picture from her FB page without asking, I'll take 1/2 stalker credit)

Troy and Tara

But she introduced me to a new term in her blog recently.

It's called, "NETGLOW"*

And it's basically the idea that, by reading someone's blog - or knowing them "online" one creates an idea in their head of who they are - and it may not be "all that".

Now, as you know - I tell one story to get to the next.  SO........all that you just read was the preface.

Because Guam is small and completely behind the age of technology, it has come to my attention that my blog pops up when certain things are typed into "Google" 

For example:

Yogurtland -

if you "google" it - you will see my blog and not a website for Yogurtland.

((*sidenote:  if you are a computer person and also good with marketing skills - you could make a lot of money on this island getting websites for all kinds of places - seriously, you can't find anything on Guam via Google))

So -  if you have happened upon my blog trying to find something else - welcome!

If you are reading regularly - you might have a bad case of NETGLOW.

Let me help you with that, right now.

We are real people.

Don't judge me if you see me on base and I am losing my mind with my kids.  Okay?

But, if you find yourself here with questions about the random craziness that comes out of my head into cyberspace..........please, let me know!

If you have a passion for some of the same things I do - JUMP IN and help.

Here are a few links for you.

Our beautiful Beth and Heartline Ministries can be read about HERE.
Beth and one of the many Haitian babies she has loved over the last 25 years!

The Hendricks in Haiti HERE.

And the Livesays that I also stalk follow HERE.

*for the record, I don't have NETGLOW about any of these people,
I know they are awesome!Not because of where they are,
 but WHO they are,
in Jesus.
Walking daily in faith and grace.

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  1. Awww Melda, this is sweet. I first learned about you on a run with Beth when she told me your airport story ... then I wrote about you without permission for John's haircut fundraiser.
    "Melda Mace" is a legend in these here parts.

    Hot sweaty sticky hugs from the other side of the sphere.