Monday, June 13, 2011

Zion's play

The third grade teacher block let the children choose play parodies to preform for their other classmates.

The team that Zion was on did a play called, "The Three Little Elephants" (instead of the Three Little Pigs) The "big bad wolf" was a mouse - played by Zion. He was also the narrator and took his role
very seriously, memorizing and practicing lines at home for the big event.

His teacher assured me, from set design to costumes, the play was completely student run.

They did a great job and of course, they were adorable!! :)

Here are a few photos / videos.

Setting the stage

Zion as the narrator

Zion changing into the mouse!
Zion (*the big bad mouse!)

One of the elephants houses

The cast of "Three Little Elephants"

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