Thursday, June 30, 2011

Pagat Cave Hike

Another fun Thursday with the MWR Rec-n-Crew!

Thanks for the fun gang!

At the top of the sink hole that led to the discovery of the cave

The kids swimming inside the cave
Obviously, I needed more light than glow sticks!

It's Michael - can't you tell??!

These stones along the trail are from ancient Chamorro tribes.
They used the stones for grinding, and the number of depressions
in the stone indicate the wealth of  the family.

After climbing down into the cave, (and back out after a COLD swim), we continued on to the ocean

Zion (*the orange dot) climbing down the rock
(My mother will flip out when she sees this photo)

The Thornton / Blanton crew at the bottom

(*I took several photos trying to get all the kids to look)

 And our good friend, Steve - took the leap -

A great hike,
A great day
with great friends

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  1. So beautiful!! And so wish that I could do that hike with you! Started reading "Run Like A Mother" today. :) Totally thinking we should "train" and then meet up and run a marathon somewhere (1/2 of course... I am waaaay intimidated by a full! yikes!) Lol.