Monday, October 18, 2010


the only thing you can change
about your situation.......
is your attitude.

I was under the impression that Guam didn't have "seasons" 

unless hot and sticky is a season

But it seems to me that the last  couple weeks has brought more of a breeze and less humidity

I'm not sure if this is actually true,

or if it just means that I am adjusting

Also know as the "Melda Process"

with me,  it's almost always a process

and even if it's not pretty

at least I know it about myself

If things aren't going my way

instead of feeling sad

I get mean



sarcastic....... (*okay, well, I'm always sarcastic)

They are easier emotions to deal with than tears

Tears bring people around you saying, "Oh my gosh, are you ok?"

Anger pushes people away and allows one to stew in bitterness

Letting it all go is a process

It's not a secret to most that San Diego feels like home

but I couldn't stay there

so it's past time to let it go

Maybe the idea of being in Guam is settling in on me

the attitude adjustment is coming in phases

and more days of joy are creeping up on me

Thank you to friends and family for your prayers

Don't stop praying

God is the same God in Guam that He is in San Diego

I have to make it my choice to find Him here


  1. You are doing a great job here...... me and God are both proud of you :).... k, SO not biblical to speak for God but you get my drift.....