Friday, October 8, 2010

Seahawks Soccer update

 Michael's team had three games this week.

The regular Tuesday / Friday and a make-up game on Thursday.

Since Zion's swimming is on Tuesday / Thursday,  I didn't see either of those games.

Sadly, they lost both of them.
I went to the Friday game against St. Vincent Braves.

Again, the sky opened up five minutes before the start and soaked us all.

Thankfully, the field didn't get as muddy as the last "rainy" game.

At one point, I heard the coach scream, "Take it, Michael, take it!"  (*usually, he just goes with a big boot, up and over the crowd)

So the three series shots are of Michael coming up the sideline.  He was running too fast for me to adjust the zoom to get anymore shots, but I was happy for him that he got to do a little more dribbling today than usual.

The boys fought SUPER hard today coming from a 2-0 score at half-time to win 3-2 when the ending whistle was blown.  It was great for the boys to get another win under their belt.  They needed the moral boost.  :)

They are now 2-4-1

Just a couple more weeks of soccer season, and then we are on to cross-country.
Great game Seahawks!

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