Sunday, October 3, 2010

reminds me of home.........

some things about Guam remind me of home. 

Although, my definition of home changes from time to time,

I usually mean my growing up years in Alabama.

It seems like the place that made me who I am.

Although, honestly, that 19 year old girl is certainly long gone.........

and I hope I have picked up a little more knowledge since then!!

(*something to explain the extra pounds and the wrinkles)

Today, we had an ALL CHURCH BBQ, and it reminded me of home.

I haven't been to a church picnic since 1993, Airview Baptist Church, Opelika AL

Poncho (music director, crazy fun!)
Today was good.

 Good people

Pastor Greg
  Good food

Sam, organizing our group for a game

Good times!

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  1. Crazy fun..... great food..... can't go wrong- hey there was even a jump-tent! :)