Wednesday, October 6, 2010

for the love of the Padres

Our love of the Padres started with free tickets.

The Padres give hundreds of tickets away every year to the military in San Diego.

In fact, the Padres call themselves the "Team of the Military"

Not only with free tickets, but with salutes to the military at each homestand, including playing all Sunday home games in camouflage uniforms.

So our first Padres game was a free one.

When we started going in spring 2005, the boys were too young to care about the game, and we never made it to the 9th inning.   At the time, their favorite thing was riding the trolley downtown. 

Zion, Nathan and Isaac (on the trolley)

Then, in 2009- Isaac and Zion both signed up to play baseball for the first time.  (Zion had played T-ball for two years)  Mike volunteered to coach his team and he chose the Padres for our uniforms.  It was amazing as something "clicked" with the boys.  They started to care about the games, now that the rules and such made more sense. 

Padres Little League

Michael at "Park in the Park" for kids
They started picking favorite players, and we made friends with other Little League families that went to the games. 

In addition to free tickets,
in an amazing city
with perfect weather
at a beautiful ballpark..........
now they had friends at the games to play with.

Our kids became "regulars" at the park and the Pad Squad knew us all.  

In fact, some of the players started to recognize us.  

They were great about photos and autographs. 

Petco Park became our regular San Diego entertainment.  

And our love and respect for the Padres organization grew.

So regardless of the scoreboard,  the Padres will always be our team.

Zion's autographs

Zion at the "beach" at Petco park (trying to get on the big screen)

Zion and Adrian Gonzalez (who is also the baby in a family of 3 boys)

"The Gang" with Chase Headley
David Eckstein - amazing guy, really

The boys in the dugout on a field trip

Zion on the FriarVision screen as the LITTLE STAR on his birthday

Mike's promotion
some of "the gang" on our last game (July 3rd 2010)

My birthday and "the girlz" 

Thank you Padres for the memories!!



  1. nothing but smiles for this post Melda :)

  2. Oh, I love it!!! Miss my Padres and my baseball going friends! Thanks for the good times at the ballpark! See you in AZ.