Friday, October 15, 2010

Blog Action Day 2010

Did you know that there was a BLOG ACTION DAY?? 

It's October 15th. 

Which is TODAY! 

What's the topic???


CLEAN water

or really, how many don't have it.

Something that most Americans take for granted.

For a video about clean here

Why does it matter to me?

Michael almost died from dirty water.

In fact, John and Beth McHoul took him to the hospital and he was so dehydrated and sick .......

that Beth was told not to waste money on "this baby, he is going to die"



that I will never know,  gave money to care for my son, before he was mine

And he lived

I am asking YOU to save a life of someone you will never know

But that person can change another life in an amazing way

I can't imagine MY life without my sweet boy Michael

I am thankful for someone with a vision beyond what I can ask or imagine

for HE works all things together for good

To doante to GIVE CLEAN WATER click on this link

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