Saturday, October 23, 2010

What's been going on?

The boys are into the school routine full swing.  No more questions about school uniforms.  They just get up, and put them on..........seriously, I love it.   Makes that part of the morning so nice.

Soccer season is officially over, including the team party (photos coming soon)

Zion is still swimming on Tuesday / Thursday for 1 1/2 hours learning a good kick and how to side breathe.
If I had to swim for an hour and a half, I'd drown.  (Just sayin')

Isaac is trying to earn his way into the SEA CADETS.
(he has some memorizing military type things to do, and also, be a little more organized in his homework/
schoolwork routine)

They are all looking foward to Halloween, which will start this Wednesday at AWANA.  They are having a costume, Halloween alternative type thing, complete with, of course, tons of candy.

The Gillam girls had swim meets the last three weekends, so we haven't seen them much........until today.

They came over for about three hours and hung out with us.

Sam and I actually got out some scrapbooking's been SO long and it was great fun.

The kiddos enjoyed some crafting too. 

I have mentioned to a few people that there is not a Starbucks on Guam.

I realize this sounds insane, since they are every three blocks in San Diego,
but honestly, there is not one.  

So this is what we drink.......really, it's pretty tasty.

Sam brought it for me.......she's cool like that!

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  1. Those are a good substitute for Starbucks. I do know what you mean I would have withdrawals from Starbucks too! We are from the Seattle area where it all started! I love the blog keep it up. We have friends moving there next month. He is going to be the XO on one of the subs out there, can't remember which one. Miss you guys!