Saturday, October 2, 2010

Seahawks Soccer - two game update

(Michael's # 27)

The Seahawks had two soccer games this week.

Tuesday's game against St. Paul ended in a 3-3 tie.

I only saw the first half of this game, and then Mike and I tagged teamed.

He came for the second half of the game straight from work and I took Zion to swimming.

Friday they played St. Anthony.

(I guess by the end of the season,
we might play all the Saints.......
the people of Guam are mostly Catholic -
we already played St. John and St. Francis)

Friday's game was much more intense.  The mood was mostly set by the coach of the other team, who was  really negative toward his players.  I don't like coaches like that.  If you can't coach your boys with respect and positive encouragement, then you aren't a good coach in my book.  (*I could really rant about this for a while, but I'll spare you).

our amazing goalie

Michael on a long leg, long arm throw-in

these guys are twins, and they both have amazing footwork with a soccer ball

So,  the game went back and forth. 

We scored.

They scored.

They scored.

We scored.

2-2 down to the last three minutes.

Then a (lame) penalty call on us that resulted in a free kick for them, and a score.


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