Monday, October 11, 2010

Sunday Sailing

 Back in May, Mike sailed with a couple other guys from the Marianas Yacht Club to a small island near Guam called Rota.

One of the guys, Myles Moritz (and family) also attend Bayview Church.

They invited us over for lunch and some sailing after church on Sunday.

The Yacht Club has several small boats similar to the ones that Michael, Isaac and Zion used in San Diego when they went to Sailing Camp last summer.

I think Mike was excited for the boys to get in the water,

get on a boat,

and refresh their skills.

Michael was a little annoyed that he couldn't take a boat out on his own since he is obviously a professional sailor at the old age of 13.

But the Yacht Club does require kids to be signed off by their own instructor before they can go out alone.

So Mike and Michael went out for a test run.

Isaac and Zion was much more interested in playing.

But they had a blast doing so!

I put my head on a life jacket in the grass and took a nap.

A FABULOUS Sunday afternoon!

(*PS....Yacht Club in Guam doesn't mean "Donald Trump" yacht........what you see, is what you get)

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