Tuesday, October 5, 2010

........reminds me of home (*part two)

As I said with regards to the church BBQ -

some things about Guam remind me of growing up in the south.

(*I know, sounds crazy, but bear with me here)


I have memories of my grandpa saying things like this,
"You know, you turn by the old Smith place"

(mind you, I was twelve when he said this, and Mr. Smith had passed away 20 years ago)
But still......in a small farm town, one was expected to know the "old Smith place"

I never thought much about this form of direction giving until I moved to our first duty station,
which was Orlando Florida.

I gave directions like, "turn at the Taco Bell"

In Orlando Florida, there were 72 Taco Bells, and no GPS system in every car.

I had to learn street names, (and numbers)  because in Orlando Florida, you have both.

(*for example, I remember that State Road 436 was also called, Semoran Blvd.)

So you had to know both, 'cause you never know which one someone would say when giving directions.

What's my point?

Honestly, I have one.

Here in Guam - we are back to giving directions with landmarks.

Cracks me up! 

There is one major road.  Marine Corps Drive.
(or Hwy 1, although, I would use the word highway loosely in this context)

On the south end is the Navy base.
On the north end is the Air Force base.

So every conversation starts with......... "Where are you?"

"Navy base, okay...... you know Marine Corps Drive?"  

And then the landmarks.

1.)  "Do you know the Latte Stone"

or   "Do you know the Governor's Complex?"

2.)  "Chamorro Village?"

3.)  ITC building??

4.)  "K-mart?"  (*there is only one, and it's HUGE)

all of these landmarks are on Marine Corp Drive

and after you answer yes to question 1,

you may be asked to turn there........

or told to keep going to landmark #2

and so on and so on.......

So,  if you are coming to Guam,

memorize these photos

and if you are going to Cullman Alabama

Just let me know.........I'll tell ya where the old Smith place is!!

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  1. So Guam-ish! Meet you Friday for getting nails done.....turn left at the ITC.....