Wednesday, October 27, 2010

When friends become family............

20 years the military wife, 

friends become family

They are the people that you share with:

share an egg with

cup of sugar with

cup of coffee with

cup of cheer

cup of sorrow

share Christmas

share Easter

spend birthdays together



They bring you Gatorade when your kids are sick

and feed your kids when you are sick

and load your dishwasher

This is my neighbor from San Diego

Danny and Angel - June 2010 - at his wedding

my sista from another mista

my BFF

We have shared all those things together.......

and because she is from California,

The Thorntons have shared these things with her extended family

I know her parents,
her aunts and uncles,
her siblings,
her cousins,
her nieces and nephews

they have very graciously accepted me
and my family into theirs

And so with a heavy, heavy heart.......

I dedicate this post to Danny

He died after being struck by a vehicle earlier this week

My love and prayers to Angel and her family


  1. Melda.... words cannot express the love we ALL have for you and your family and I feel EXACTLY the same! I miss you so much! You are MI FAMILIA FOREVER!! Danny loved you Melda thought you were AWESOME!!! Like we ALL DO! Thank you SIS!

  2. It was GREAT to see Mike and THANK YOU for the beautiful flowers! <3 muah xoxo