Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter 2012

On Friday - Mike took the day off and we hiked up Mt. LamLam to reflect
on the sacrifice made for us so many years ago -
and also, to stand in awe of God's amazing masterpiece -
the island of Guam.
Each year a group take a new cross up the hill and put it on top of the mountain
I wish I would have taken a picture of all of them...
maybe 10+ 

beautiful view of Sella Bay from the top

On Friday night we had an outside service at our church, Bayview.
Prime real estate eh?

Good Friday Sunset

Mike left Sunday morning on a flight to San Diego.

The boys and I got up and headed to Bayview at 5am for the sunrise service.

I took the camera and ask Michael to take pictures since I was singing on the praise team.

He didn't.

So while we were still warming up,
I ask Isaac to go and take the camera from Michael and take pictures....

He didn't.
Early sunrise Easter morning

So I have a few that Zion snapped -
and then some that I took after church,
sadly, none of them are of the actual sunrise.

beautiful lady,  inside and out

Proof of Zion's love of music and awe of the Herring brothers talent,
(and I agree with him 100%, those three boys young men are talented!)

Pastor Kevin Elwell

worship leader, Jason Moyer

Pancho and Ahyen Madrid
leaders in our church and great musicians 

Jeff and Jane Jones
also elders at our church and a great family

Isaac, 12 - Zion, 10 - Michael 14
someone in this photo needs a brush...... but he's still cute!

After our church service, we had breakfast.
and after that....
we went up to the Cook family's home for a serious feast.

An INSANE amount of food that would make any southern grandma proud.
Everyone had plenty to eat seconds and then some....

As usual, when I am having a great time (and eating and chatting)

I didn't take a lot of photos -
but a great time was had by all.
The younger kids enjoyed an Easter Egg hunt
and the older kids, a game of kick-ball.

A special thanks to our great friends, Dan and Emily Cook and fam - for sharing their
home with us on Easter.  We treasure your friendship as a true gift from God.

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  1. Stumbled on your blog through someone else's...we miss Guam so much! Thought I'd share these pics I have of the crosses on Mt. Jumullong Manglo (on the Lam Lam summit) in case you'd like to use it to share with your readers the crosses. That was my boys and I's favorite hike to do.