Friday, April 13, 2012

Epic Spring Break - Day 3

Today I don't feel like doing anything....

I just want to lay in my bed

(*well, from my English class memories, it should be lie in my bed....)

Anyway....all the words of this songs aren't really appropriate,
but my point is,
Wednesday was a lazy day.

We did a bit of chores in the morning to clean up from the sleep-over,
but mostly, the boys played Wii and sat around in their pajamas.

We didn't have church - so I offered to take them to the movies.
They just wanted to stay home -
so they ended up having a FEAR FACTOR episode marathon.

From snakes to bull testicles to eating scorpions - I was completely grossed out
and the boys were glued to the computer screen.
Clearly, God made men and women different.
I'm just not sure why lying (not laying) in a bed of snakes is cool.
The prize is $50,000 I think.....that's not enough money for me.

Sometimes no plan is a good plan.

Day 3 - success

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  1. LOL, Im so with you on this one!! Boys/Men, sometimes they just cant be understood! Glad you all had a lazy day at home enjoying what is fun all.