Saturday, April 14, 2012

Spring Break - Day four

Thursday -  divide and conquer

I tried to schedule a WWII sites tour with the National Parks Service,
but it just didn't work out.

Michael got invited to Tarza with friends -
and Zion had a special request for a Subway breakfast sandwich.

Even though we didn't know - Breakfast Subs are buy one get one free for the month of April -
IF you come in before 8am.

I don't think we have ever eaten ANYWHERE for $10.
Seriously - 4 bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches, plus the veggies.
Totally YUM!  and totally affordable.

One of Zion's friends spent the day with us and we also watched 4 yr old twins
for some friends from church.

We went to the park and had another good day at home.

The boys had swimming in the evening followed by another trip to YogurtLand.

Sorry - two days of no photos!

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