Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Running Update

Still running....

Stats for January

11 runs for a total of 46.92 miles
average pace:  10:57 per mile
run average: 4.26 miles per run

Stats for February

20 runs for a total of 96.89 miles
average pace: 10:03 per mile
run average:  4.84 miles per run

March was the month to join in the races -
well, not that I consider myself a "racer".
but other than the Perimeter Run last year,
I have never been in an official "run".

On March 3rd-
Michael, Zion and I got up SUPER early to run in the
24 Annual RAINBOWS walk/ run for children.
This event was a fund raiser for Rainbows Guam.

Most runs in Guam are early in the morning to beat the heat.

It's a totally different mindset thinking about getting up at 430
to go for a run -
but there is a crazy sense of pride involved in burning
300-800 calories before most people get up.
(Did you know you burn roughly 100 calories per mile?
doesn't matter if you walk it in 20 minutes or run it in 8 minutes)  

Anyway ....here are a couple of really bad photos taken with my phone 
in the dark
with no flash
of Zion and Michael

Michael has a knack for making anything athletic look easy.
He doesn't really run regularly,
but he just took off and ran
and finished 22nd overall.

I have looked online trying to find his time -
and I haven't been able to find it.
I am sure he was running about an 8 minute mile to finish 22nd.

On March 17th -
I did the Shamrock 10K on base
It was listed as a "competitive run" so I hesitated about signing up.
I have a competitive personality, but I don't think I am a competitive runner.
I wasn't able to get an official time for that race either....
although, by my Nike+GPS, I recorded a personal best time,
which is good enough for me.

I admit that I was trying to calculate the age of the women in front of me,
and I don't think any of them were in the "40's bracket".
So I am claiming the "fastest old lady" title for myself.

Stats for March

23 runs for a total of 117.89 miles
average pace:  9'50 per mile
run average:  5.12 miles per run

The Perimeter Run is at the end of April and I am looking forward to it.

Every step is one more than that person sitting on the couch....

Keep moving and finish strong!

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