Sunday, April 1, 2012

Epic Spring Break

I love having my kids home.

I just don't have the discipline to homeschool them -

So my favorite times of the year are
summer break,
Christmas break
and Easter break.

(my favorite week of school is testing week, because there is no homework)

Last year -
Mike took the week of and we had a week of EPIC-NESS planned.

This year - Mike is going to be off-island during spring break....
(that's island speak for what stateside people call, "out of town")

So....I have been thinking about some things that I can manage with five kids
and no husband.

The beach, the pool and the waterpark are always hits...but with five kids,
some of that stuff gets spendy!

But whatever we decide - it will be fun.
Because that's how we roll on Spring Break in the Thornton casa.

Here is a recap of last year:  Epic Spring Break

In the meantime - here are a few ideas from my friend Heather.
They call their spring break the "Week of Awesomeness"

Click HERE for some cool ideas!  

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