Thursday, April 19, 2012

Spring break wrap-up

I am a few days behind in wrapping up our EPIC spring break events.

You know, fun is over and back to real life -

Sat. after the Harvest 5K the boys had some down time with
the Wii

and started watching this season of Survivor.
(it seemed the next logically step after a season of Fear Factor
and not nearly as GROSS!)

On Sat. evening we headed to the base theater to see a few friends
in the performance of Red Riding Hood by The Missoula Children's Theater.

Followed by a fun dinner at Molly McGee's with our dear friends,
the Cook family and the Scott family.

Sports Center for the boys.....

More than one way to get a bullseye!

Since the night was young - we had the dance floor to ourselves.

So we danced off a few calories before the song lyrics became inappropriate
and then we called it a night.

Sunday morning after church - we got the girls back.
It was great to see them after 9 days!
And I think they were happy to see us to.

Of course, the first question.....
"Where's dad?"

I guess they didn't realize or had forgotten that he was going to be gone all week.

We headed out to Chuck E. Cheese for the last event of our Epic Spring Break.
I have no photos because....well, if you've seen one Chuck E. Cheese,
you've seen 'em all right?

Mike's flight was delayed so I made all the kids to go to bed before he got home.
The boys were still awake when he got home about 9pm,
but the girls were crashed.

It was another successful Spring Break - although, hoping that next year we are all in one place!

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