Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Epic Spring Break - Day two

The morning after....

.....the camp out event Monday night, I got up when I heard the first few boys coming in the house to the bathroom  (they are civilized like that - instead of using the nearest tree)

I preheated the oven and began arranging Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls on the largest cookie sheet I own.

I made 48 - 

they were gone in minutes.

Along with a gallon of milk and juice,
some yogurt
and oranges.
I love having boys in my house.
They make an easy breakfast seem like the best food ever.
It's good for simple cooks like me to have boys.

Then the Wii battles and other gaming began.

Gamers "A" and "B" in the background

Yes, we have two TV's within 6 feet of each other....
and this is all they get used for.
Large numbers of kids playing Wii.
We don't have cable and we very rarely even watch a movie!

The boys were picked up in different stages with the neighborhood crew
heading home a little bit after lunch.

We had a little down time before heading out to swimming.
(*yes, I still made my kids go to swim practice)

But a trip to YogurtLand afterwards makes it worth it.

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  1. They had a great time and there's all the proof one needs in your pictures! Thanks again! I think tomorrow will be another great day with all of them in the great outdoors! Thank God that the Lord has a big yard at Gab Gab! Just one of HIS beautful properties on this Island!