Saturday, April 7, 2012

Friday Photo Flashback - Easter 2007

I was very excited to dye eggs and have an Easter Egg Hunt with the girls this year.

I love the joy of children running around finding treasures in the grass....

but then the social worker called and said the girls would be visiting their parents for Easter,
which is good for them - but my hopes were dashed.

So I pulled up some old Easter photos to remember the magic.

Easter 2007 -
San Diego, CA / Hawaii Vacation

The boys had an Easter Egg Hunt before we got on the plane!
Michael - 9
Isaac - 7
Zion - 5

Bellows Air Force Base Cottages - Hawaii

Easter Sunday morning with our dear friends, the Yamodis Family

Thornton boys + Nicolas having a blast in the waves

Daddy Nic and Sweet "Beenie" 

The island life 

Perfect Day

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