Monday, April 16, 2012

Spring Break - day 6

Sat. morning we got up BRIGHT and early..

well, it wasn't bright, it was still dark.

We got up at 430am to run a 5K for Harvest.

We have a lot of friends at Harvest and we are involved with
their foster care ministry called HARVEST HOUSE.

Also, Michael will (probably) be going to high school there next year.

So all three boys and I got up,
got ready -
grabbed water and a granola bar and headed out.

Isaac found some friends from church


Michael and two buddies from Tsunami Swim Club
These guys are fast in the water AND ON LAND!!!  
Zion was a little under the weather,
but finished the race in good spirits! 

In addition to a T-shirt at the end of the race,
the boys always want to stay for door prizes.

They are certain we will win "the big one".

Of course, we put in our race bib numbers - but we also got extra raffle tickets for bringing shoes to donate to a Thailand mission trip coming up in a couple of weeks.   We put in four pairs of shoes, and got four tickets..... our numbers were 334, 335, 336, and 337.

They called 333 - gift certificates for free pizzas
They called 338 -                 ice cream
They called 339                   coffee shop
They called 341                   brunch for 2
They called 330                            

And then the grand prize -
Two $100 dollar vouchers for airline tickets from a travel agency








I didn't even see Zion twitch, but he was half way to the stage before I realized it was our number. figure out where 5 to 7 Thorntons could actually fly to for $200


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