Monday, April 18, 2011

EPIC Spring Break overview

Sunday morning of course was spent at church celebrating PALM SUNDAY.
Here is a photo of Ellie and Zion that Sam snapped.

After church,


They played for almost three hours.
Only one set of tears, I was told........after a shot to the head.  (I think tears are fair for that)
and they are convinced that the bruises will be a story to tell at school on Monday.  
Seriously, some nasty welts..........I'm glad I didn't watch.
(*left to right, Noah, William, Matthew, Isaac, Adian, Michael, Zach, Jonah, Zion)

just to have everything in one place:
Here is a review of EPIC Spring Break 2011

Click on any of the days to read about that day of EPIC-Epicness.

Monday, April 11th

Saturday, April 16th

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