Tuesday, April 5, 2011

One Day Without Shoes


Have you ever heard of Toms Shoes?
Check them out here.

A shoe company that donates a pair of shoes for every pair of shoes purchased.


Amazing isn't it?

The company started in 2006 and in that short time, have given away over a million pairs of shoes.

Watch the video of one shoe give-away here.   (get a tissue!)

They also sponsor an awareness day called, "One Day Without Shoes"

You can see that video here.

This year, I participated.

Yep, went all day without shoes.

First thought of the day.............
I need to mop.  (*just sayin')

Out of the house - to the school for a PTO meeting.

I did catch a few glances at my "no-shoes" feet, but I guess everyone:
1)  is too polite to say, "where are your shoes?"
2) already thinks I'm a freak

Next stop: 
 The Nikko hotel to pick up the items that we left in the room over the weekend.

After the boys came home from school,
I took Zion to swim team practice.

(really, it's not a stress at all to be at a pool without shoes, right?)
Overall, my day was easy.

Let's get real........ first of all, I live on a tropical island,
so going without shoes isn't that big of a deal.

But the more important things I thought about during my "Day Without Shoes"

*  people who can't afford shoes, certainly can't afford cars
I didn't walk anywhere, I drove to all the places that I needed to go

* people who don't have shoes live in places without sidewalks
I didn't walk in any dangerous conditions today
from my car to the front of the school (*sidewalk)
from my car to the hotel (*pavement)
from my car to swimming lessons (*also pavement)

And because I have shoes, I could avoid things that might be uncomfortable,
until tomorrow, when I can put my shoes back on.

*people without shoes have to do everything, well, without shoes

Did I run at the gym (or outside) today? 

without shoes??

If you have tons of shoes, for pete's sake, don't buy more.
Recycle some.

But if you really need a new pair of shoes,
think about buying them from TOMS.

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