Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Epic Spring Break - Day 5!!

Day 5 - Tuesday - was reserved for a little island history and some boonie stomping.

The boys idea of "hiking" is a little different than mine.

Nonetheless,  you are "stompin' in the boonies" and Isaac wanted to see a Cosair plane that went down during WWII.  (*it wasn't shot down, Mike learned, but crashed)   It was exactly .13 miles from the van into the jungle to the plane.  I was kinda thinking of a hike as a mile at least.  ANYWAY, here are the photos!

Second stop:   Fort Santiago
As you might guess by the name,  originally a Spanish structure, but used by both the Americans and the Japanese as an excellent location for cannons to fire on ships coming into the harbor.

3rd stop:   Really hard to read this sign.  But the steps pictured were made by Japanese prisoners of war. According to the sign, they show signs of expert masonry skills.  

 Stop #4:  War Dog Cemetery
Dog were used during WWII as companions on mine-sweeping exercises.  Sometimes they safely sniffed out the mine or bomb, and sadly, sometimes not.  To my knowledge, it is the only cemetery for working animals in the military.

 Stop #5;  Caves!
I guess, people go in these caves.
There are some caves on the base that have a DO NOT ENTER sign. These, however, do not.
So, Mike went with flashlights and such to go in too.

 However, we DID NOT go in because in looking closely, you can see that this rock hanging down from the mouth of the cave is covered in bees.  We decided to leave them "BEE"!  :0)
 Papaya tree

 Lunch break-GabGab Beach and McDonalds

After lunch, we went to get Jonah at school and went to our last stop of the day.


 I am amazed at things that were just left behind after the war that still remain on this island.

 This is the view of the beach from the gun.  (and the four boys playing)

Day 5 ended with breakfast for dinner - one of the boys favorite things to eat at night.
Zion also wanted to see the new Karate Kid movie.
So we rented that and had some family time in the living room with blankets and pillows all over.
When I woke up on the couch at midnight, everyone was gone.  :)
I will say that Day 5 was also a success.

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  1. I just looked at a picture the other day of when we had family time watching the original karate kid all piled up on your bed. Fun times!!! :)

    Miss y'all and so wish we could meet Jonah!