Friday, April 22, 2011

Is Good Friday really good?

The first time that I realized my little Isaac was a deep thinker, he was only four.
He went to a pre-school in Panama City called Adventure Days.
It was a church-run preschool,
and they were making little cross necklaces for Easter.

In the past eleven years,  I have realized that Isaac is often a misunderstood child.
(*and it is often not his fault)

This day was no different.

He refused to make his cross.

And the pre-school leaders were downright mad.

I am sure his attitude was very "four" and that didn't help, as they tried to force him to make the cross.

When I got there, he had drawn a line in the sand and wasn't going over it no matter what.

He was sitting in the corner
in a little yellow chair,
and his arms were crossed over his chest.

I checked him out.
Took the pieces of the necklace.
And took him home.

We had lunch and I watched his little face,
waiting to see the attitude melt away.

(*photo credit: Heather Hendrick March 2001)

Isaac can't stay mad long.

Before nap time we had some snuggle time with books.

And as I placed him in his bed I asked,

"Isaac, why didn't you want to make your cross today at school?"

without hesitation he replied, "because the cross was a very sad place"

And we know
that in all things
God works for the good
of those who love him,
who have been called
according to his purpose. 
Romans 8:28

This verse is often used to say,
 if you love God,
nothing bad will ever happen to you.
You will be blessed;
and rich;
and have all your heart desires.

Your kids will never get a disease
or get in a bad car accident
or have a baby when they are still a baby too.

Your husband won't lose his job,
or get cancer,
or be sent to Iraq to fight in a war.

I know that's not true.
The verse does not mean that at all.

How special for me,
around Easter,
seven years ago,
that I could lie in bed with my sweet four year old
and explain to him how and why something that was
so sad,
and horrid
and evil
and wrong
God meant for MY good,
for his good
for your good

I don't always understand the WHY,
but I always believe that God is God
and HE has a plan.


  1. So thankful that you are a friend of mine <3

  2. How often do we miss such profound moments with our children because we are working so hard to fit them inside our box? I am so grateful that God taught me all those years I was waiting to become a mom, how to slow down long enough to listen and to "train the little man up in the way HE should go," not in the way I should want him to go. You have and always will be one of my favorite people; this blog explains why you are on that list. You are simply amazing.