Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Zion's field trip - Part 2

Last week, (*before spring break)
you may have seen the post about Zion's field trip.
If you missed it,
you can read the introduction here.

He was the guest blogger the following day telling about a few of the photos.
You can read that story here.

Over spring break,  we finished loading the photos,
and he wrote captions for you.
So here they are.

at a hut where the master weaver talked.

some of the stuff that the master weaver weaved

me weaving something that is easy.

the Master Weaver
who is 85.

(*Moms' note)
She is the oldest living master weaver on the island.
She was 16 when the Japanese took over Guam.
She was part of the forced labor in the rice paddies.

I would have loved to just talk to her for the whole day.

this is a Spanish stove.

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