Sunday, April 10, 2011

Epic Spring Break - Day two

Busy day

Zion had a swim meet.

Michael had a soccer game.

Parents:  divide and conquer

Zion has to be at the swim meets at 8am;  Mike gets that time slot by default.  
He is a morning person.

Soccer at 1030 = the "rest" of us.

A special thank you to our friends, the Scott family, who came out and supported Michael's team.  
You guys are the best!

half time;  Ally schools her dad at the goal  :)

After the soccer game, we all went to Pizza Hut for a half hour of "together" time before going in different directions again.  I took the other boys home and Mike dropped Michael off at a birthday party.

Back home for showers and some down time.  The boys watched Transformers.  I napped.  

Picked Michael up at the birthday party, a paintball party, and got a few shots of the action.
Hard to see, because the field is enclosed with netting for safety reason.

Michael was a "bad guy"
The other team was S.W.A.T protecting the President.
Michael's team had to sneak up on them and kill the President.
It's how boys play.
Don't judge.

Mike, Isaac and Zion went to a BBQ while I picked up Michael.
Then we went shopping for a few things for our new family member.

Epic Spring Break - day two - success

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