Thursday, April 28, 2011

oh yeah, Easter..........

Easter weekend was AWESOME!
Hiking Mt. LamLam
Photos here

Coloring Easter Eggs
Good Friday service
Photos here

And then Easter Day
Sunrise Service

I'm not a morning person, but with Mike's help,
we managed to get the four boys up and ready
and to church at 5:57 with 3 minutes to spare. 

The day was beautiful,
which is a blessing,
 because you never know when it will rain here. 

We had breakfast at church after the service, YUM!
The islanders DO NOT mess around when it comes to food.

Home after church to pack up for a day at the beach with the Gilliams

So relaxing and beautiful that I didn't take a single picture.
Just angled my chair toward the water where the kids were,
and sat there, enjoying their laughter and playing in the background
as we ate and talked. 

A perfect day.

Thank you Lord for my friend Sam.........who did take pictures!

(*photo credit:  Samantha Gillam)

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