Monday, April 4, 2011

Nikko Hotel

The Nikko Hotel is in the tourist section of Guam, and was the location of the Seabee Ball 2011.

The hotel is certainly set up for a tropical get-away for the Japanese who want to get away from the cold weather they have this time of year.  But this weekend, the hotel had some local guests.  Most of the wardroom stayed at the hotel.  We had good times by the pool with friends before the ball and on Sunday after the ball. 

A few photos:
(*looking out to the right from our room)

(*down and left from our room, lots of wedding here)

(*left to right - Will Barton, Zion and Michael)

(*they were trying to catch up with each other or something, who knows!)

(*I couldn't resist, Phil Cyr, ultimate relaxation!)

This video was taken from our room on the 10th floor.
The first down the slide is Zion,
followed by Mike,
then Phil Cyr
and last, but not least, Russ Pile.

Speaking of Russ Pile, SHOUT OUT to the best non-daddy "Daddy" Seabee!

Our wardroom is seriously BOY HEAVY and Russ played with all the boys in the water,
throwing them around and rough housing. They LOVED it!

Thanks Russ, you are awesome!!!

(*Zion and Isaac)

A great weekend!

Some down time, (Mike actually left his Blackberry in the room)

Good times with good friends = lifetime memories

And just four school days until Spring Break!

A special thank you to the Gillam family for excellent doggy-daycare.
Mia was the queen of the castle it seems.
You can see her adventures here, on Sam's blog.

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