Sunday, April 17, 2011

Epic wind-down (*Day nine)

No one wanted to get out of bed on Sat.

I said yesterday that I was tired,
but actually,
I think I am getting sick.

Michael had a soccer game today.  (I think his last one)

A lot of kids still on spring break.

Only 7 kids were there when the game started.

The other team could play with 7, or put all 11 on the field.

They had no mercy.

So the sidekicks played 7 on 11.
(one more showed up later making it 8)

I was really proud of the team.

with no subs,
they had to play long and hard for every minute of the game.

Final score:  4-4

Great job Sidekicks!

Also, I have to say,
pretty excited that I was able to shoot the following shots.

Michael seriously burned this guy - just sayin'


Went to the mall after the game for lunch.
Food court
Feels so American there

Home for showers and mega Wii time.
(we had cut the boys off for a couple days)

Even though I protested cooking for spring break, I didn't have the energy to go out.

We had spaghetti / salad and garlic bread for dinner.
Easy stuff.

The boys are planning the last EPIC adventure as I type.
They are going to play paintball tomorrow after church.
I am going to get the house back in order for real life starting Monday.
It may take more than one afternoon,
but I'll do the best I can while they are all shooting at each other.

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