Thursday, April 14, 2011

Epic Spring Break - Day 6

Wednesday was a BOY day.

There was a meeting this morning regarding Jonah. 
Putting all the people involved in the case together from school, social services, counseling etc. 
Mike and I thought it best if one of us go, and I volunteered since I am more familar with the verbage and lingo of IEP and educational stuff.

He took the boys on a dolphin cruise.   Here are a few a ton of photos of their morning.

(*the beach house, from the water)

After I picked Jonah up at school, we met up together at home for some lunch and down time.
(that translates to parents nap and kids play Wii)

Then the boys went out to see the movie, "Soul Surfer"
and I went to AWANA to be with my Sparks class.

I haven't really chatted with the boys about their day. 
The pictures are cool, and I am sure the movie was good. 
But I'll get a full report tomorrow.

Still............I am counting day 6 also a success!

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  1. Such great pictures!! And he got one of Moke with his sweet smile! Definitely a success. :)