Thursday, April 21, 2011

Running update

You may have seen my post about my beginnings into the "running world".

If not, you can read it here.

I started my journey with walking for about a month and didn't really keep up with my times or miles.

But since using the Nike+GPS app I have passed the 100 mile mark.
Here are the stats:

Started March 7th-April 20th
30 workouts
(*some walks / runs / elliptical)
27:50  hours
126 miles
13100 calories
average pace:  13.17 per mile
(*I told you I was slow)

On April 30th I will be in my first official run.
An all women's team from the NAVFAC families will be doing the Guam Perimeter Run.
The race is 48 miles total, but it is a relay race with a team of ten.
I can do my five miles without difficulty, but I would like to help my team by being able to do it faster!!
So I have been running on the treadmill trying to learn to keep a steady pace.
It's a little frustrating for me.
I'd rather be outside. 
I give up and quit too easy inside..........that STOP button is just so close by.
When I am out running around base, I have to at least get back to my van!  :P

I'll keep you posted!

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