Monday, April 11, 2011

Epic Spring Break - Day three

Another fabulous day of EPIC greatness!

Did I mention that for an EPIC spring break I have protested cooking every meal??

Mike got up and went for doughnuts this morning.


Off to church for a good time there.

Home for sandwiches and a little Wii time.


Our new family member has got to have a name, even if I can't tell you it..........cause it's making me nuts!
I feel like I am leaving him out of blog world, and it gives me guilt.

So, I'm going to make up a name for blog purposes. 
Let's go with Jonah, everybody like that?  Okay...........good.
So Jonah is the average 11 year old boy.  He loves,
I MEAN LOVES video games!
He's very excited we have a Wii.

So after dragging the boys off the Wii -

we headed to the gym on base for some pool time.

The big boys however, opted for some basketball time first.

Zion enjoys equally his Maddy/ Ellie time.
Even though Ellie is his age,
 they all play so well together.
So much so,
Zion wants to live with them and be a Gillam.
Sam encourages this like I would really let him go
and Zion is all for it everytime.
He doesn't even pretend to think about it.

Just love this picture!
Mike always dives for coins with the kids
and today they even had a contest to see who could hold their breath the longest
(the idea of that makes me sweat)
as Sam can tell you
(as she is still trying to teach me to swim, put my face in the water)

Showered at the gym and headed to Molly McGee's on base for dinner.
The pool tables keep the kids busy so the adults can finish a conversation.
Judge me if you want,
but it's nice

Epic Spring Break - Day three - Success
3 for 3
I'll take it

Jonah has to go to school tomorrow.
His school is on a different schedule.
He will be on Spring Break next week,
which is a bit of a bummer,
but we will try to pack in as much fun as possible for him too.

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