Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Zion's field trip - Part 3

this is a crab game.

you put hermit crabs in a bucket. 
then you draw a big circle.
next you put down the bucket in the middle of the circle and let the crabs go!

The kids go around the circle sit down and bang on the floor and say dukduk dukduk dukduk (Chamooro word for hermit crab)last you try to get the crab out of the circle.

the crabs run away.

me riding a caribou.i got close to the edge.

this is a game that we played ,i forgot  what it  was called. 

(*coconut relay - the kids hold a coconut between their knees and run to the other line.  Drop the coconut and run back - the next person runs to the line, picks up the coconut between their knees..........etc)
this the class picture at the rocks.

this is another caribou.

(*domesticated water buffalo)

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