Sunday, April 10, 2011

Foster Care update

We got our foster care license!!!!!!!!!!

We were approved on March 10th, but somehow our license got sent through the wrong inter-office paper shuffle and was lost for about three weeks.  (*OOG)

Phase two of waiting for a placement wasn't very long.
(we didn't think it would be)

But the frustration of waiting at all makes me crazy.

As usual though, God's timing is always perfect.

The boys' last day of school before spring break was Thursday.

Friday, we got the call.  

Mike had already taken the next week off for the boys' spring break, so it is really going to be nice to have him home as we adjust from a family of five to a family of six. 

We have another 11 year old in our house!
Five boys now, counting Mike.

It really makes it easier for clothes and toys. 

We fully understand that this weekend is our honeymoon phase.

So, please pray for us!!

Pray that we can show him unconditional love.

Pray that he will settle into our family well.

Pray that Michael, Isaac and Zion are patient in sharing their parents.

Thank you!

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