Saturday, April 23, 2011

Mt. LamLam, Guam - Good Friday 2011

Today, a few ladies from the neighborhood,
Jonah, Sam and I,
hiked a mile up Mt. LamLam for the annual Good Friday stations of the cross service.

The Stations of the Cross is part of the Catholic Easter Lent Season,
but I wanted to hike on this special day and rallied a few to go along.
(even though I'm not Catholic)

So very happy that Sam and I could do this together.
Our history as friends started as neighbors,
then scrapbookers,
and now includes my sister in Christ.

Jonah is also on spring break, so he went too.
He is doing great and the least grumpy of the four boys about going to do stuff.
He just gets ready and goes!

I don't think I have been in a more beautiful place to reflect on Good Friday.

Here are a few photos.

(*you can see the crosses WAY up at the top if you look really hard)

Sam getting started up, leading the way!

Stations of the Cross

One of the readings at the stations

Amazing view from the top

Sam and I
One of the many crosses at the top


  1. Leading the way? First- really with the photo from behind? And second, all the ladies are in the photo ahead of me... which means I definitely was NOT leading the way! Love you Melda!