Sunday, April 10, 2011

Epic Spring Break

In San Diego, the boys were on a year-around school schedule, so they had three weeks of spring break.

This year, only one - and so we plan to make it the best week ever!

Michael was most verbal about this change, as he really likes everything the same.

That boy likes his routine!

But we convinced them all that it would be an  EPIC week o' fun.

They got off the bus on Thursday and ran through the back door all smiles.

They were ready for a break!

Friday morning, the first day of EPIC-ness, started with Apple Jacks.

That may not seem like a big deal to you, but I don't buy Apple Jacks.

They are dye-covered sugar balls.  

So seeing Apple Jacks made the boys realize the full gravity of mom's attempt at greatness.

Seriously, laugh if you want, they were thrilled.

(*I know, Zion's hair is crazy)

Michael was signed up for a baby sitting course through the Red Cross.  It was something we required him to do to stay home with his brothers from time to time and "be in charge".  He wasn't overjoyed about going, but had several friends in the class, and I think he learned more than he wants to admit.

Isaac, Zion and I went with the Gillam girls to see the movie HOP.
We had checked out the schedule in advance to plan our day around Michael's class.
There was a 10am showing that we decided to go to and then out to lunch afterwards.

ONLY ON GUAM - would the theater list a 10am showing when they are really closed.

I was speechlessly shocked, but Sam found her voice and said, "but you are advertising a 10am showing" (as she pointed to their neon flashing screen)  

The employee looks behind her, swears under her breath, flips the lights on and starts scrambling to get the computers on.  She goes out of the little "box office" and into the main lobby, chats with the employee there and comes back.

"Oh, it's sold out"

Didn't see that coming, on Guam.

Turns out, (best I could decide from what she was trying to say) is that they had a group of 300 daycare kids that they were doing a private showing for........and it wasn't really open to the public.

Can I SAY IT AGAIN............OOG!

Anyway, plan B was to eat first, but since it was 10am, our choices were limited.

Zion picked Denny's and the boys were happy with "second" breakfast before driving to a different theater and seeing the movie.  (*Maddy and Ellie, also happy, but not nearly as motivated by food as the boys are!)

There was lots of laughter and the kids always enjoy each others company.

I know I have said it before, but it does my heart good, (and Sam's) that our kiddos enjoy each other.
Even though they are boys and girls.

(*Side note;  if you see the movie, you may have issues with jellybeans for a while)

Epic Spring Break - Day one - SUCCESS!!!

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